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Friday, December 15, 2006

"I Am Spartacus"

One of the few things we know about Spartacus was that he was a Thracian.

That land includes what is now modern Bulgaria. These are shin guards that were made 300 to 500 years before Spartacus was born, I found them on the National Geographic website. The article is just amazing, it's called BULGARIA'S GOLD RUSH

It would be exciting to be part of the archaeological team there but you would think a front end loader might be a bit brutal on the finds?
But if its race to beat the grave robbers then I guess its warranted.
Interesting stuff.


OK, now that I've read they are shin guards, I can see it. At first I thought they were fertility dolls or, so help me, ancient dildos. My bad.

Glad to see you are still posting. Thought you had decided to stop, thought I would check today, and there you are!

I like archeology, I enjoy those kind of documentaries on TV. When I was a kid I thought that I might like to do that.

I just saw a show about discovering the grave of an Amazon warrior woman, they checked the DNA and there are still descendants living on the Steppes.

Hi C-Bob: here's hoping that your health has improved and that you are having a good weekend. I do enjoy your posts, and am glad you are still at the computer.

Best wishes from Northern VA,

Hey Bob
Thought I'd drop in with a spot of Christmas cheer.

Read your medical stuff. Keep everybody posted. If they do any surgery, post pics of what they take out.

Hey bob,
Whenever I hear: I am Sparacus...it reminds me of Tony Curtis ...and his thick brooklyn accent...and then.it makes me think of this:


When this movie came out, it only showed in one theatre in the whole state.(not too far from Lubbock) As I was standing in line for tickets...a news crew came up and started interveiwing me...Then a christian protester came up and spit on me!! Live on camera!! I used to have the tape of that newscast...one of my proudest moments.

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