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Monday, December 04, 2006

For Sale .... The Tom Mix Picture Vest {SOLD}

Snap detail ..... Brass concho with snap mounting

1/2" Chrome tan shearling with tan deer skin trim. Pockets are sheep skin with deer covering.
Motto on the back : " Big Hat, Fast Horse "
Image is burnt into the sheep skin .... Tom Mix
Size = 44 .... But this 44 is made to be worn over a heavy sweater. That's the key to a good sheep skin vest.
Heavy shirt, heavy sweater, then the vest. You're toasty and have more arm movement than a heavy coat.

Hey, you had a sale, well done. That would be tricky, burning a pattern into something as you only get one go at it, a bit like tattooing. You want to be confident I guess.

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