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Tuesday, November 21, 2006



In the summer of 1970, a group of hippies from Minneapolis, Minnesota, moved onto a 10 acre patented mining claim just about where the last "e" in Slaughterhouse is on this topo map. They camped out in the " Big Meadow " and built the " Main Cabin "....... They didn't build it very fast, cause Al Jensen had a big block of hash he had smuggled back from India. And after the Morning Chilum, everyone would wonder off for awhile. But they had more than enough people, and after long glorious summer it was more or less "tight".

I happened to meet all these folks, because I had made my way to another commune that had started up that same summer. In fact that part of Colorado was blooming hippies that summer, there was another big summer commune just over those mountains to the northeast of Slaughterhouse Creek at a place called Sliver Creek. That one was a project of the Denver Free University, and they were all in teepees and domes for that summer. But by far the sweetest one was the one at The Mineral Hot Springs, Colorado, and that's where I ended up that summer, plus most of the next year too.

We had a bath house, a swimming pool, a motel & cafe, gas station, and a big ole' water tank on a two story tower. That was all on three hundred and sixty acres with some of the hottest mineral water you'll ever try to sit in. Most of the folks at our place were from California, a real bunch of granola crunchers.

But back to Slaughterhouse Creek ..... and the whole point of this post. My old friend Jose' just sent me his copy of the invitation to the 20th Reunion at Slaughterhouse Creek, and I reprint it in all it's glory.

before I got back to the states and ran into the hippies I was friendly with several things had happened. One of the guys bought a parcel of land in Colorado and several friends went up and "lived on the land" that summer. The neighbors were so distraught that they banded together and bought the land back from my friend. The other was the formation of a concert promotion company called Middle Earth Productions. When I returned I took over the art work dept and was room mates with the head of concert security.

yo soy Horsedooty!

We had neighbors as screwy as we were. Those folks at Slaughterhouse bought from an old woman in the little town on the map named Bonanza. Mary had flaming red hair, I mean the color of a automobile red. She heated the cabin with a Royal Oak cook stove. We'd visit her to check on her, and she was lonely, and would always insist we stay for coffee. So she'd lift off the round plate on the stove to set the coffee pot over a direct flame. But she'd stand there talking with the plate off, and smoke would be rollin' into the the cabin. God it was the sootiest cabin I ever saw. Everything had a coating of soot...... and Mary's red hair glowing like a neon sign.

I was lucky, I got to Colorado just before those old timers passed on, and before it really got screwed over good by the rich.

I remember Mary and all those at the commune too. I remember the Chilum... I also remember an old guy named Ace - seems like Ace and Mary were a pair but its been too long to be sure. I just happened to pass through the summer they had started building the place. It was beautiful in the aspen trees.

steve C

I remember Al & Rebecca and children, Roger Emslie, Craig Black, Randy Cone (was friendly with Heather Peck, mother to Randy's daughter Jamie). Where are these people now. Thanks for the great memories. I sent you an email Bob. Cheerio, Marcia

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