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Friday, November 10, 2006

One of the Eyes of Texas

The best Halloween costume I ever made.

They said you couldn't do it
But indeed you did

It's working

hmmmm....who do you have your eye on CBob?...

the site looks perfect now...

This is great!! I'm using the new IE 7.0 and it sees it better today. I'm glad you didn't give up.


The only thing that would have made that costume better is if it had been 'bloodshot'.

excellent work Colorado Bob. This looks great.

yo soy Horsedooty!

It looks good CBob.

God Bless.

Heh heh, I see you used some of my source code. I can tell by the "Dear God I Hope This Works" tags.

Looks good.

Whoa! I just noticed you borrowed more than my source code here.

You need to upload your own site images, otherwise you are using up my bandwidth. For example, in your code where it reads stuff like:

You need to copy the image and upload it to your own server. If you don't, when someone looks at this page they'll actually be grabbing the images from my host. This can cause problems for both of us (and is what caused so many problems at the Bloggers-Template page).

I certainly don't mind you using my source code to get your design on track, but please host your own images.



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