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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Leather Burnings

In the early spring of 1974, I started doing " Leather Burnings ". This are images burnt into the leather using what is commonly called wood burning tools or an electric pen. These two are after a Remmington pen and ink, and are done on mule deer skins. The hoops I made from popular, and are 5 ft. in diameter by 6 in. by 1/2 in. The lower picture is me lacing the hide into the hoop, and is inverted to show the image. These two pieces are in south Texas, on either side of a fireplace in a private collection.


this thing is really flipping around until it is totally loaded. It may be the horsedooty computer (powered by firewood).

I left you a note yesterday under the old look and now I dont see it. I wanted to know if it was you modeling the very nice leather shirt.

yo soy Horsedooty!

I see mostly black screen and have to scroll about half-way down the page to see your leather work...BEAUTIFUL, by the way.


Thanks Dooty, I'm having that flicker too, not sure where that's coming from. The old sheet had HaloScan on it and I'm using it on TYKO . I installed a comments preview on TYKO, and because both sites were on the same Halo account. The comments at Col. Bob appeared on TYKO .... So I deleted the comments at Col. Bob. This will take care of the problem.

Dooty ... That was me on the back porch of the " Lovelace Hotel "


I'm having the same problem with a huge blank space at the top and having to scroll down a long ways to reach the first article.

Cat .. I'm afraid I can't fix the way it shows up on your screen .... That's the browser you're running.

Bob, I am seeing the same thing. I see the main color bar at the top of the screen, then about 1/3 of a blank, black background before the main header and your first post. I am running IE.

Not fixed for IE yet. Still have to page a long way down.

Bob...I still have to scroll about half way down the page to see anything other than black. The page looks good when I get to it.


Hey Bob,

I see you left a comment at my blog about your template here. I think this is a case of mistaken identity, but you can read my suggestions by clicking here.

Ah, looks better! Hard to say what's causing that strange flicker when the page first loads, though.

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