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Monday, November 13, 2006

Chris Byars

This is an outfit I made for Chris Byars of Salida, Colorado. The shirt and pants were all hand laced and sewn.

Chris is a sculptor that works in very large steel pieces. One of his works you all have seen is in front of the Time/Warner building in NYC. Before CNN moved their " American Morning " set, Chris's piece could be seen in the windows. If you visit downtown Salida, Colorado, Chris painted many of their stock of 19th century buildings, one of Colorado's best.


Your work is magnificent. My son used to be a blacksmith reconstructionist down at Fort Vancouver, WA when he was stationed there. He would like to return to it as a hobby fairly soon. Do you do these outfits professionallly?

Bob, I am truly humbled. Your colthing and burnings are marvelous.

I loved this kind of stuff when I was a kid, and the fringed Indian shirts.

If I could think of an excuse to wear it to teach college English, I'd get one.

How did me posting about impeachment make you do this though?

Thanks folks ..... Jamie I made leather stuff on and off since 1967. There times when it was good, and times when I didn't make a thing for a year or two. But I made thousands of things . Several hundred vests over the years. Those were always bread and butter. I'll post some pictures of them. My elk skin vests with buffalo nicklel buttons .... made Texas Rangers cry.

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