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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Valley View Hot Springs Summer of 71'

Valley View Hot Springs is probably the best kept secret in the whole of south central Colorado. During the boom of the 1st World War, Colorado Fuel and Iron Works opened a iron ore mine called The Orient at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. This hot springs is a few miles north of the mine site. At that time, it was developed as resort for the miners to spend their money. It had an bar that was built in the shape of an octagon. And a whorehouse that was painted pink on the inside. One long hallway down the middle and cribs on either side of the hall. The developers dug out the springs {There are several}, and lined the walls with rock.

That whole thing had fallin' into a state of decay by the 1970's, and was home to a couple who were care takers in exchange for a place to live. I think it was like 50 cents to use the springs. The " Small Pool " in these pictures was just big enough to hold a couple. It had a sand bottom. Sitting in it, the water came just to my chin. The water temp was perfect, and bubbles came out of the sand and tickled your ass.

Sounds like heaven, the bubbles I mean C Bob. I have just read your blog, like the leather wear. My sister lives in Colorado, just North of Denver. We went to Estes Park, and a few other places. There was this place where we got the spring water to drink, Eldorado. I like the layout of your blog, makes it interesting. Will come back for sure. (No threat intended) maybe you'll come visit me? cozmic

Now you've put another place to see before I die on the list!!!! I've been to the hot springs in northern California, but they are terribly sedate by comparison.

Your mate's page looks cool bob, well done.
Hmm, I think I will crank photoshop up again as you have inspired me to change my banner.
Cya mur

Not sure what is going on, but the comment part of my blog isn't working. I thought it might be blogger, but yours is working properly.

Love the castle, but it might have to go. It really is hard to read over the castle. I note your sliders here block out the background, but I think that pale yellow you had before was very attractive if not full of toys.

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