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Thursday, December 07, 2006

My String Has Run Out

This was just the last effort to ward of Brain Rot.

Thanks for all your attention .... It was a waste of time .... but you wasted it with me.

Okay--- Stopped by and saw that you are suffering brain rot and your string ran out- I read your comments over at craig's all the time- you definently are not suffering brain rot- you are as sharp as they come- so you are kidding right? I mean you are not quitting are you ?

Come visit over at Watergate Summer- have a cup of coffee and visit...I am worried about you...

No ... 4
I've been using every fume I could find. ..... But it's here, and I can't do anything now to stop it.

I didn't just want to drop off the radar ... one day. And leave you all in wonderment.

My mother died of liver cancer ..... I was an wet alcoholic till age 35 ..... , But that's not enough.

I took over 200 hits of LSD ..... and I gave that up 30 years ago .... It's the harvest of the life I chose.

It's just on line.

Hey bob
I can be a little slow on the uptake but are you quitting the blog, life or drugs?
Don't give up on 1 and 2 because you will make me paranoid that it was my mundane writings that drove you over the edge and then who else will brighten my day with a visit to my place.As for brain rot, your talking to a guy that spends his life shovelling concrete for a living... ;/

colorado bob, I just read what you wrote over at Crawfordslist so I immediately came here because I'm a little scared. Please, what is happening? Can I do something? It seems so sudden. I don't want you to be gone, to lose you. Please don't go away unless you absolutely have to.

Hey Bob- Whatever's going on , you have a lot of people that care about you. If any of else can help you , we will.


My prayers....my heart...and any other body part you need, old friend, are yours...

Let me echo Colleen...don't go unless you really have to...

If you must....Godspeed and love..

Bob My Friend,

Don't do it buddy. I've never seen you so happy as these last six months.

I am just getting very very busy. Don't drop off the face of the earth again ok?

Take a vacation and let us know where your going and then come back. We're your family you know...well cyber family anyway.


You have been one of the joys of existence for quite a while now. Whatever you are going through, just know we genuinely care about you and wish you well.



Hang in there, while we cannot escape our past, it is the present where we choose our destiny. Your comments on your blog and over at Crawfords list have provide much entertainment and enlightment over the past year. Being a selfish person I want to continue that enjoyment. Many of your friends have expressed their concern for you, what ever happens you should know that there is a fine group of people that care for you deeply and whis you the best.


Hey C'Bob whats all this about? If you have brain rot, then i am a goner!
Dont go!
Just take a nice break, enjoy christmas and we will be here waiting for you.

c'b - I've been trying to think of what to write to you all morning & I still don't know what to say. I hope this is just one of those dark times that life gives most people from time-to-time and that you will feel somewhat better knowing that there are people out there who care. I'm so sorry about your mother. We're all still here for you. Remember, "we're all in this together."

Hey, Bob, we are all concerned, so let us know what's going on with you!


I echo all the thoughts expressed above. Hang in there it gets better.

tu amigo,

yo soy Horsedooty!

C-Bob, we all care about you. Hang in there! You conquered alcohol and LSD, you can overcome anything!

Hey bob...what's a little brain rot among friends? As you have seen, I suffer from it every day....just the weaker cells making room for the survivors. Take some time off...outside. Then come back and give them hell. Illigitimus Non Carborundi

Hey CBob: I saw your posts over at CC's blog and came over here to see how you were doing. I hope things are ok. Please let us know. You have a large virtual family and we are all worried and will help you get through this.


just looked at your tree ani.

Very zen.


colorado bob, ran couldn't get into your comments, so I'm sending this along for him...he says howdy and thank you. And everyone is asking after you and of course we all want you back, no matter the size or extent of the rot or the pain that seizes you now. You are so loved and admired, so full of wisdom and fascinating information and kindness with that wonderful, cynical humor coursing through your very talented mind and body. I so hope you will wend your way back to us. I for one am not prepared to lose you but will if I must with almost overwhelming sadness. My very best to you in love and support on whatever the painful journey and I only hope it brings you back.

C'B - We'll always be out here for you.

I will never, ever forget you. Having had you in my life has only made it richer....

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