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Monday, December 04, 2006

For Sale .... The "Let'er Buck" Picture Vest

These are the last two items of my career as a leather artist. They are what I called picture vests. Each was different, and there are only a dozen floating around.
Both this one and the Tom Mix vest have never been worn, except for these pictures and have been stored. They are both just like new.

This image was the cover of the 1933 Pendelton Round-Up Program it pays tribute to the artist.

1/2" chrome tan sheep shearling with oil tanned split deer skin trim.
Snaps are brass and nickle conchos.
Size= 42" {See Tom Mix for more about sizing}
Machine sewn and hand laced.
Both vests are treated with silicone water proofing to resist dirt.

Terms : C.O.D. plus shipping; Cash or Money Order to the UPS man
Price : Make me an offer

Very swish looking clothes Bob, I would put in an offer but it never gets cold enough to wear sheepskin down here. I use CS2 to do all my graphics, lots of fun.

Really great looking, unfortunately won't fit. Love the graphic.Thanks for passing on my blog link

wow amazing work c'bob. Now exam is over i will continue work on improving my blog! with your help of course!

Cool graphic bob, did you use Pixen for that?
You inspired me to create one, plus I had 4 hrs to kill( I don't think Disney will be calling me up!)
click me


Incredible work. If you are serious about selling, I would dangle them under the nose of some Western museum or an Imus type who could pay top dollar.

Wow Bob,

I'm always amazed at your talent! listen this article is for you. The ramifications are obvious.

Ebola Threatens to Kill Off Gorillas in Africa

you're blog is really great...colours, background, photos texts, very attractive and pleasant reading...
I'll come back
see you Bob

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