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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Best Damn Script You Can Get

Sounds like a lot of Hype huh ? Well, here it is .... Click any link on the is page and what happens ? Go ahead, click one. You didn't get steered away from this one did you ? This page stayed on your screen didn't it .... Here's the place to get this script, paste it just above your closing body tag < /body >. Open offsite links in new window

G'day from Australia,

An old hippie, are you, Colorado Bob? Then we must have met at Woodtstock!

Yes, I know how you feel about links that open up pages in new windows - great stuff.

Have a look at my site, http://david-mcmahon.blogspot.com/ and tell me what you think.

Have fun with your Apple and your new ISP. Sounds like a winning combination to me.



If you're writing your own HTML, just add this to every link tag (that's the [A HREF= ...] tag):


Just like that. That will make that link open in a new window or tab.


I was always looking for an mp3 player too bob and stumbled across this one by accident. Yukebox is the site, and they are not big on instructions but was very easy to embed. I just adjusted the width to fit in my side bar and that was it. It is supposed to be able to play mp3's that you upload to the site, but this feature seems to be buggy so I gave up and just linked the URL's from a mp3 download site and they just stream to the player if you have a fast enough connection, otherwise if you have enough space on your server you could host the files there? I will check out the Kenniewick Man story too.

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