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Friday, February 09, 2007

Enough is Eough

Anna Nicole :

The Winston Churchill of "Reality" TV

MSNBC Contacts : Just click it'll open your email

If you have a site, please ....E-Mail me and I'll send you this code. It makes writing emails a snap for your readers. Let's stuff Dan Abram's email inbox by 6 A.M. Monday morning.
You know what to say ... just don't use "No Bad Talk" as Stubbs used to say.
Write them and tell them to stop, please urge your readers to write them.

Thanks for the links. I will use them. I saw a blurb that said Jack Cafferty asked Wolf Blitzer on the Sit. Room today..."is Anna Nichole still dead"??

So I got your message (and I must say it was fun to get a message from someone saying, need your help on a creative project, on a doldrum-y afternoon) ... but: what do I do?
Z profacero@gmail.com

I'm so glad I don't watch much television. Was bad enough on CNN's website. Clicking on the search results for Paula Zahn's schedule with Dawkins just gave me the home page, and tonnes of Dead Princess pics and stories.

Whack. It's Entertainment News, but not life altering like so much that's ignored or simply doesn't sell.

Thanks for the links: I sent my email.

I don't watch cable, so I'm not exactly in this game. Nevertheless, I echoed your message along with the e-mail links to MSNBC. Sometimes not knowing what I'm talking about bothers me. Not all the time, though.

Good luck.

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