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Friday, February 02, 2007

Let's Dance While We Can to Duran Duran !!!

Hi CBob Thanks for the comments and stories I enjoy them. I have started checking your blog on Saturdays at the library because they have broadband and you load instantly, but today its snowing so I didn't go. So I did my vaccuming while you loaded. Really its so slow on my computer but the fellow in the computer stored said when I get the new computer it won't speed up dial up but will my end of the download so it will appear faster. Maybe I will even be able to see the YouTube stuff. I can now but it sort of slow and jerks so I don't bother. Anyway keep leaving the comments and stories I am not ignoring you.

Cool. Check these out:


My age is gonna show, but I LOVED Duran Duran... this is the stuff my daughter rolls her eyes at when I'm singing along with the radio.. oh well.... let's boogie before they blow us to smithereens!!!!

Dungeons and Dragons ain't the only Double D of which I was a "closet fan".

Love it!

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