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Friday, February 02, 2007

The Sex Lives of the Founders Part IV

The Money Shots

One of my favorite founders. blackdogg reminded me of this Franklin message ......
Franklin tells one of his would be mistresses that his "little willy is getting lonely!"
The sad thing about Ben was, he wasn't much of a "family man". In 1730 he acknowledged his illegitimate son William, whom it seems never got on with his father. Then there's Deborah Read, no not the fact that they had a common law marriage. The fact that Ben just treated her kinda shabby. I won't even get into his years in Paris, or his living with Margaret Stevenson and her daughter Polly in London.

That's four founders who have more in common with Bill Clinton than George Bush.

I've never really liked Ben Franklin. I've respected him and he was very charming...Isn't "little willy" enough to prove that!?

But he did some horrible things to his children. For politics.

Thank you for the blog link! She's a very good writer. I'm not sure what to write to her though. And no I haven't seen Little Big Man (to my father's horror!) but I most certainly will have to.

I didn't realize Dubya had any characteristics in common with any other humans... now a turnip??? Maybe....

Interesting. I knew a bit about Ben, and Tommy, but the other two were news.

Shame there aren't any hidden-camera etchings of them en flagrante delecto.

Playing catch up on the founders. You didn't mention that Sally was a half sister of Jefferson's wife Martha and they were said to look a great deal alike. He freed all of his children by Sally as they became adults, but he didn't free Sally until in his will after his death.

Want to mention that several of the founders had Syphylis? No antibiotics can be a major drag.

Washington seems to have been a pretty clean sort since the lady he had a crush on was married and of the faithful type. He settled for marrying the richest widow in the country which is one way to pay for a political career and a nice house. Just ask John Kerry.

the one among you who has not sinned cast the first stone.didnt Jesus say that in the bible.and judge not so you will not be judged.for with the mesure you judge you will be judged.

That's the whole point Anon. That's why impeachment of Bill Clinton was so stupid.

c-bob --


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