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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This Bear Has Something to Say Part III

Photo: Joseph Napaaqtuq Sage/AP

We've made a big break through, when the bear heard what Rush Limpballs said about these bears:

He broke his silence, and is now quite willing to begin speaking out. We're working on script for him, but any thoughts on just what he should say will be welcome.

Here's the 1st storm of the season bob click

Cool animation btw

Thanks buddy good luck with that "Blogger's Block"

Hunger Kills!

Mr. Limbaugh...Yep you caught us...we were just playing, like cats in a litter box. Well... anyway we were wondering if you could come play with us? You look quite plump..I mean fit and...playfull! It's okay, I assure you we are not in the least bit hungry. Just between us, I just got a new script of Oxy in from Nome yesterday. Good times!!
- your bud, the bear

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