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Sunday, February 04, 2007

This Bear Has Something to Say Part II

Photo: Joseph Napaaqtuq Sage/AP
I'm teaching this Polar Bear English, but it's slow going. And his breath smells like seal.

"it's slow going..."dear dear...you know what the bear told me??? quoting Kerouac!!!"au fond de la mer, les poissons parlent Breton" ...he doesn't like English...try Welsh or Gaelic!!!!lol...

Mousie !!! How about French Canadian ?

Bien venue!

But you'll have better luck if you start talkin' to 'em when they're young.

OK, eh. I oat a here.


I like the brick background you've put up!!!

Zero, It's all thanks to the trip Dave in the post below took, and those mysterious folks out there in North West New Mexico.

The bear has something to say?.."it's better not to to burn out, or fade away!!"

colorada b--

Thank you so much for the lovely graphics... they were just the right size !!! ( insert fluttering eyelashes here)


This comment has been removed by the author.

WOTV .... My pleasure. It helps with my fevered brow, and sooths my MAC mania.

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