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Friday, February 09, 2007

Good Stuff

When he's not playing with his Photoshop, Mur 38 has nack for finding some amazing stuff ..... like finding catfish swallowing basketballs, and this. Click this link and see one amazing picture Perth Comet. Click Mur's link for the explanation.

Dexter at Crawfordslist sent me this, it's a link that let's you paint like Jackson Pollock. When you get there just start moving the cursor, and clicking the mouse.

Best Music on the web ..... RadioIo Click the Red Button

c'b - Maybe the last polar bear is the sentinel for the emergency seed repository/ark...


Bear names: Care Bear, Mj. Ursa, Anna Nicole (sorry, I've been brainwashed), Noah.

When you're done with it, I really do think you should send it over to Air America/Ring of Fire Radio.

Blue I sent the link to Al Franken

Gorgeous pictures !!! And I need to put that radio link in my side bar.

I love the Pollock site. Found that last summer and felt like a "real artist" for a few weeks after wards. LOL!

Got some interesting winders' wallpaper out of it at any rate.

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