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Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Always Won the "Big Hat Contest"

Here's the 1st post I ever made here :
Saturday, August 26, 2006

The only thing I learned in college.

I had a work study grant in college. 3 days a week I worked in the ceramics lab with George Soco. George had been tricked into coming to Texas Tech by the administration there. George wasn't happy about that. They promised him a modern lab to teach glass blowing to grad students, he ended up in the government surplus barracks teaching education majors ceramics.

Everyday when I showed up, my first duty was to ride my bike to the student union and get Prof. Soco 5 packs of Marlboro green 100's. Then my day could begin. On days we emptied the kilns after a firing, he would stand by wearing a big asbestos glove. Should a particular ash tray or coffee cup catch his eye, he would step forward, take the offending object, and hurl it across the court yard into the barracks wall that contained offices of other art profs. The pile of broken bisque ware was 3 feet deep.

In the late April of 1970, while sitting in a biology lecture, something snapped in my head and I got up, rode my bike to the administration building and dropped out of Texas Tech. I was bound for Colorado. When I went by the ceramics lab to say good-bye Prof. Soco said the following:

" Bob, if you forget everything I've taught you remember this....No matter where you go, there you are."

About my garb .... The hat band is bead work, and hand sewing on black deerskin. The shirt is brand new. Mule deer with brass buttons. Chaps are moose hide, they're the nicest pair I ever made. They had brass zippers and Buffalo Nickels on the pockets for fasteners.

I am not sure...but I think that is a "yogiism"..as in Yogi Berra?
"When you come to a fork in the road....Take it" or..
" You can observe a lot by watching "...or one of my favs......
" The future ain't what it used to be ".

It's Deja Vu all over again....

Hey..when you put those last two together..they kinda make sense...

That's some mighty fine duds, CB

Actually that is a very true and profound statement. It doesn't matter how far you go or with whom, how much money or how little, when the rubber hits the road the same old hangups and junk have come along with you.

Hey Vic, excited about that new hot rod your getting ?

Truer words were never spoken...

And... you're quite an artist c bob... your chaps make mine look like something I got off the Salvation Army clearance rack :-)

Happy Valentine's Day!


What a fun and funny post! And the clothes look good, and sound as though they feel *great* to wear.

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