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Friday, February 23, 2007

Peter Fonda's Birthday

Pete is 67 .... Yikes ! .... Name the movie this pic came from. Yes it's the The Wild Angels-[1966]

Tough one bob..Wild Angels...I cheated by recognizing Nancy Sinatra without her boots!! Captain America is getting on up there..as are we all..

Black ... It was a dreadful movie, except for the Title song. Lost Drive-In on the Speed Channel has been running it lately.

Dude, the Flow Chart rocks. Sadly so, eh.

I don't think I've see any Pedro Fonda flicks though. Well, other than Easy Rider o'course.

If it is the one I am thinking of yep...truly bad. Is it the one where they are going to bury their dead biker buddy? One good thing about it..I saw a blurb that said Laura Dern was conceived during it's making.(I think Bruce was the dead guy)...I bet I havent seen it in 20 years..but I have been hearing the Pusher in my head all day now...

Micheal J. Pollard was in it too. I think it's where "Week-End at Bernies" came from.

bwaaah! I think you are right about bernies!! MJP was in so many movies back then...One day...me and a buddy were sittin around smokin somethin watching "Bonnie and Clyde" and he looked over at me and deadpan said..."Michael J Pollard..I sure would hate to see a movie without him in it..." I laughed so hard..I think I ruptered my spleen...

Born to be w .. [cough, cough] .. iiild!

Happy Birthday, Peter. As his resume at IMDB shows, the man's still working hard:


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