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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Al Gore's Utility Bills

[Twig from my Apricot Tree]

RE: The hit piece on Gore has been something in the political war that I've bee waiting on, and right on que it came 2 days after his Oscar wins.
7 weeks ago January 10th I posted about Climate Change here :
El Nino, Global Climate Change, and Bi-Polar Logic

Now, on the last day of February, I went out and got another twig off my apricot tree. My apricot tree doesn't give a rat's fuzzy bottom about Al Gore's Utility Bills. I'm making an educated guess that we will see our 1st fruit trees blooming here today or tomorrow.
For the 57 years I've been in this county, apricot trees that bloomed in the 2nd week of March ran a good risk of being frosted so the fruit would be lost.
As the right wing rails against Climate Change with some of the most desperate and pathetic arguments in the history of any debate anyone has ever had.

Spring has come to the southern plains of North American 2 weeks ahead of when it used to. Last year at this time I was counting how many times we had set all time temperature records since Christmas day. The number was around 5 or 6. And when we weren't setting records our temps. this time last year were running 15 to 20 degrees above average nearly everyday. 100's of thousands of acres of Oklahoma and Texas were on fire as James Inhofe stood in the well of the U.S. Senate and railed against Global Warming.

Now, the right wing may throw all the crap it can on the TV screen, but people all over the world ..... step outside into the proof everyday. Everyday all over the world there is a torrent of data points flowing in that say Al Gore is right. Last week we learned that:


The sad terrible truth is that in 5 more years these people are gonna look as stupid on this issue as they have on Iraq. And a lot more people are gonna get killed by Climate Change than this stupid little war in Iraq.

G'day Bob,

Many thanks for the link - and your priceless opinion about your apricot tree.

Would you be able to drop by my blog and leave me the instructions for Translator?

I'm curious - will keep u posted.

Keep smiling


You're absolutely right. Nature has very calmly decided that against right wing intellect (bullsheeeeet) it's time for spring.

They look pretty stupid now Bob.

I can't say I'm sad about Spring coming early. Worried for coming years but Winter tends to overstay its welcome.

...at least for me!

Howdy David You bet ... sent you a note.

Your neck of the woods needs one ... I got the lesson from an Aussie. It'll bounce back around the world.

I've gotten into NewsVine
I seeded this post there. It's the first one I've ever posted there. It's stayed on the front page of the politics section for several hours.

God knows I hate the Right as much or more than you, Bob. And I'll be the first to admit that I am extremely uninformed about what the scientists are saying. But, I'm vaguely aware that, in the middle and long view of history, climate change is inevitable. For example, 500 years ago people could ice-skate on the Thames in London. But shifts in the Gulf Stream made that a distant memory long before industrialization began contaminating the atmosphere.

I tend to wonder if people see these very real, current changes in the weather, as compared to our childhood memories, and are not being somewhat myopic in the geological scale of things.

Still, I think I should lean toward the common wisdom and have faith in what the experts are claiming. And I suppose I should download Gore's documentary too. Them's me two bits.

On another note: As per your request, I finally got around to writing something about Spain and Barcelona on my blog today. I'm not sure if it's exactly what you were looking for. Pero me salió así.

Hmmm, maybe Al Gore can lead the way to energy conservation by cutting down on his $2000+ utility bill every month? LOL!

As for the renaming of the park, I say leave it as is. IF the glaciers don't melt then no harm no foul, and IF they do, then it's a good reminder of once was. Either way I think the name is fine.

Also, could you send a little global warming to Nor Cal? This frikking snow is getting REAL old.

c bob-

Great post!


I don't want to hear a WORD of complaint young man...We're up to 6 feet of the stuff and it's STILL SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!


6 ft!? LOL! That sounds like winter when I worked at the McCloud fire station a few years ago. You knew the snow was getting deep when you looked into the back yard and could only see the top inch of clothes line sticking out over the top of the icey white cover. LOL!

I hated shoveling that crap...every day.

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