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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Leather Work-Vests

I have no idea how many vests I made over the years. At one point back in the mid 70's in Estes Park, I was making 36 at a whack.

The one on the right is made of Elk with buffalo nickel buttons. There's a little story about this style of vest. I had made a set for a little cowboy boutique, and the owner had gone to San Antonio to a show with them. When she returned, I got a call from her saying that a Texas Ranger had come up and bought 3 of them. He was in town, and wanted to meet me.

At the time, I was working in the Tandy Leather store here. I said sure, send him over. He came in the store, and after the introductions related the following :
Wearing a vest is part of our "uniform", and over the years, I've had dozens of vests. I wanted you to know this is the nicest vest I've ever had.

<-Ladies vest .... Lamb skin with mercury dime buttons.

<- Deer skin with hand-made silver concho buttons. This vest is completely hand sewn with 2 colors of thread. [White/Black]

That red vest is gorgeously sizzling hot!!

Very nice!!!!


E ... Thanks, I made the girls look good.

You do beautiful work!

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