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Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Button in the Link N' Logs

I put this site-up 6 mos. ago. Monday is it's anniversary.
I didn't know a gif. from a Johnson Rod. But I had a "Brand New Rod Computer", and an Imagination.
I've added what I had on the back of my business cards on the right hand column. And since I've been learning for 6 mos., I got to update it with Web Artist. I may not be very good, but that's in the eye of the beholdbeholder.
I've been foolin' with getting my friends here onto the web with their new project. And I got it working good enough, and show it off. Idea Works

Congrats on the anniversary. Yours is one of the more elaborate and attractive sites I pop into. Keep up the good work, and let's also give a hearty congrats to Al Gore on his Oscar nod.

If you didn't see it, go read Frank Rich's column from yesterday's Times. It is fantastic - and give everyone at Craig's that message and my hullos - Typekey is knocking me offline when I try to go there.

Thanks pogo .... I passed along your comments up the line.
I'm pretty surprised I made it to 6 mons.
One day at a time.

Thanks for kind words Bob we all need a little encouraging nudge sometimes.

I suggest Grande Puddle National Park or perhaps Meltdown National Park.

That'a Girl and thanks for those suggestions.

Congrats on the anniversary. You have some unique story lines. Keep chugginh along....soon it willbe a year !

Happy Anniversary!!

You're one exceptionally
talented guy!!


Thaks for the help yesterday. Apparently my computer is over the Typekey flu for now. Here's to another 6 months.

Happy Anniversary!!! i definitely need to work on the more techno side of my blog.

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