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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

El Nino, Global Climate Change, and Bi-Polar Logic

This is a twig from the apricot tree in the backyard .... The inner parts of this twig are green, the sap is flowing. Daffodils are coming-up in the flower beds.

Recently, there have been the usual "Wacky Weather" stories about our winter weather ...... Some ass-hole at NOAA was on NBC Nightly News last week assuring me that El Nino was the reason for this winter's weather. Then. yesterday this little gem came out from the National Climatic Data Center :
The warmest year ever

El Nino is not causing my a apricot tree to think it's March. El Nino isn't the one who is fooling my daffodils. The climate here is changing period. El Nino is piggy backing on it, not replacing it.

But alas ... We have a Bi-Polar Discussion in this country ...... two or more things cannot happen at the same time, or it would confuse our pretty little heads.

Tell me what the plants and animals are doing at your house.

Tomorrow's over night low is forecast to be 14 degrees.

Everything has gone green. I'm worried though what summer will be like if all the lovely green is coming up now and the cold has come back full speed? There were geese in the duck ponds, and seagulls flying over New Jersey. And flies all around the apartment!

And my animals just look bored by the situation.

Now it's 29 degrees. I'm honestly a little worried about what will happen in spring.

Let me quote from the morning papers in the UK......Headlines "nights in January warmer than July" the average temp this January at night has been 54.6 degrees compared to the Summer temp of 53.6 (and that being the hottest summer on record).

And Bush (and John Howard) STILL will not sign the Kyoto agreement!!! What alegacy we are leaving the kids.

Just came back from a walk on the South Downs and their are daffodils...duh! Its January for goodness sake! My sister spent the day in front of the woodfire stove this Xmas ..in Australia!! It is normally about 90degrees in Sydney on 25th Dec...Riiiiiight.It must be El Nino...duh!

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