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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Another Rabbit Hole

Boing Boing [the link is on the right in the "piano keys"} is a major place to find Rabbit Holes. And this one is no exception, they linked-up to a fellow in Nebraska who has a killer site ..... Extreme Instability His name is Mike and his pictures are wonderful. But the real amazing ones are of the Ice Storm that hit Kansas and Nebraska a week ago. Here's the link to those ... You've Never Seen Ice Like This

You were right. They are indeed awesome photos.

Thank you for the link to Extreme Instability, awesome blog and cool photos

Man Kansas is ice hell..I drove south out of Omaha in the snow one night, and just south of K.C. noticed that my car was a little loose. It was black ice. I counted 20 cars in the ditch before Topeka. I stopped at one of the rest areas because the ice had broken my radio anttena off and I had to cut the cable. The next morning I heard a commotion outside my motel room in Okc...people were gathered around my car which had 2 inchs of ice coating it. It was sunny and 62, so I think they must have thougt my car fell from the sky.....

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