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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Speaking of Hanging People

This is the best hanging story I know :

The Hanging of Black Jack Ketchum
Black Jack was trying to hold up a train by himself, but the conductor shot his left arm and Tom staggered off into the night. He was found at a water hole and surrendered peacefully, and was taken to a hospital in Santa Fe where he had his arm amputated. When his arm healed he was taken to Clayton* for his trial. He pled innocent to most of the crimes he was charged with but, the judge found him guilty and he was sentenced to death by hanging. The hanging was delayed several times until law men heard about rumors that old gang members were going to free Black Jack, so they pushed up his hanging to April 26 1901. His hanging turned out to be a big town event. People from the towns around Clayton came,the law men sold tickets to see Black Jack get hung and they sold little dolls of Black Jack hanging on a stick.
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* For those in the Far Away Folks file ...... Clayton is a perfect place for a UFO gas station.

So there were voyeurs long before us, even the children with little Black Jacks on a stick. Somehow this seems more acceptable than our society's current glee at taking a life, but then Bush does like to fantasize about being a cowboy...

here's a little gallows humor(less) cartoon:

Bush wins

Colleen you early riser.

Nothing like a little perspective from the ole' west.

A real Deadwood(hallmark) moment.

strange the fascination of people when somebody is executed...the last time some body was hanged in my town was in 1866...people came from all the county to see this "event"...but now capital punishment has been abolished in france and I'm happy for that...I remember the belgian singer Julos Beaucarne after his wife was murdered, he said: the murderer does it society does it again...forgive the bad translation...but let's not be too sad...may 2007 bring you peace and love...see you..

I saw the cell video of Saddam's hanging thanks to a link by tina.

I must say that Der Fuehrer Bush sure knows how to put out a snuff film. As I understand it, it just comes naturally to him.

Happy New Year Colorado Bob and God Bless.

A Peaceful and Happy New Year to you, Colorado Bob.

I would like a Black Jack Doll!
Thanks for this little snippet!

Here's a little tidbit I've grown up with for as long as I can remember. I don't know if the facts are true, but the story seems to back it up... I heard Black Jack Ketchum was the last outlaw to be hung in Clayton New Mexico. The Ketchum family was so embarrassed from the association with a train robber and murderer, that they changed their name to SMITH. And so, here I am 5 generations later with the last name of "Smith". My Momma always told me "Son, with a name like Smith... you're one in a million!!"

I am related to black jack ketchum and I would not have changed my last name because of what he did because what one person does not reflect what their relatives would do. but back then they did do a lot so as to not be associated with bad new so this could be true.

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