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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Something Useful

I saw this a while back on another site, and decided to fool with it .... It works really well. It's called :

Blog Rolling

I started a new module with it for Web Tools. Here's how it works :

Your surfing along a you find a site you want add to your links. With this feature installed, you don't have to open the template and add the code on your list. You just click on the Powered by Blog Rolling it opens a page with a field for the Name of the site and it's URL. Fill in those two blanks ..... click a button, and it adds the link automatically to your list. His directions are a little tough to understand, and you have to add at least one link before the thing starts showing-up, but otherwise it's really pretty simple to install.

Worthwhile having this bob?

Blogrolling is pretty convenient and I've been using it for a while, just not on my actual blog. That is, until now. I just copied the code into my new layout (which is up and running now at Phillybits.

The Thur's template was great but ultimately, I needed a change and I'm sure I could've done it with original blogger but original blogger just had so many issues, took so much time to actual post a post, and if you were editing your template, you had to wait and wait and wait for it to publish, especially when you have thousands of posts and comments.

I'm working on some other hacks and such that I played with before but haven't included in my new blog yet.

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