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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Making Grill Cheese Sandwiches

I've gotten in the habit of looking at the The Google Blog Review .... So I see Spoonman's Site, and he makes a reference to making Grill Cheese Sandwiches with an iron like Johnny Depp did in the movie Benny & Joon.

In my review, I suggested that Spoonman put an image of doing that in the header of his site.
But then I found that people have already been hard at work :

Grill Cheese Sandwiches the Benny & Joon Way

Then I found the the Golden Place, who bought the famous Virgin Mary's Face on a Grill Cheese. has a site where you can :


Good Morning CBob,

We will be having BLTs this evening so there will probably not be an iron involved. Found a great candle for the latest on my blog.

How are you feeling?

Saw you on Blogger Review just now and thought I would drop by and say Hi. Haven't had a grilled cheese sandwich for ages it sounds just the ticket for tomorrow's lunch.

Hope you have a good new year Bob

I had to make myself a grilled cheese sandwich, literally.

HMMM Grilled Cheese sandwich! but i am toasted sandwich girl, so think i will drag the old sandwich toaster out and go for a cheese and onion toastie!

I was watching Miami ink and saw the woman that bought a grilled cheese sanger off ebay that had an image of the virgin mary on it(for $28000) and got it tattooed on her boob. Here in the twilight.....

I think the Virgin Mary of grilled cheese looks more like Clara Bow or some silent film actress. Try grilled cheese with jalapenos. Mmm. c'b - I had a dream about C'listers and my co-workers last night; you showed up first, but you looked like some guy in Allison Kraus' band. Lots of issues with shoes and elevators; guess I'm trying to get somewhere.

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