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Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Rabbit Hole

DEMOKAT stopped by and used flattery on me .... It works every time.
So I went over to say thanks, and then I went down a Rabbit Hole over there. She has a clever little trick on her Link Lists.

{Remember I don't care for "Blog" .... "Blog this or Blog that"}

Back to the point ..... She has an image up that represents the subject matter of the list. The one above was there, so I when to The Peace Train Gallery to get the image.

{It's a Bush Haters Buffet}

And found this :

Hi Colorado Bob,

I finally figured out how to find your blog! I'm new to bloging. Wow! I really like your page. Really great stuff. I'm honored to be listed on your page. Would love to know how you did some of your stuff.

Thanks again for your encouraging words. I love to write. It truly helps the soul.

Amy M.

I just love your site Bob.....I especially love the link to the Peace Train site

Thank God the clock is running out on that stupid guy.

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