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Friday, January 12, 2007


I found a pretty good JAVA CODE at www.dynamicdrive.com

Just click the buttons over here,
From : ATTA BOY to Yahoo
and watch the page load.


I dropped a note to a few folks who tinker with their templates a bit to have a look at my New Toy.

And I'll be Damned if Phillybits didn't show me something even cooler, mouse over the links on the page, and check-out :

Thats pretty cool.
There is some clever stuff there and some stuff to really annoy readers too!

Dynamic Drive is a pretty cool site although most of the stuff on there is excessive bells and whistles, at least as far as I'm concerned.

Furthermore, a lot of it requires a server to download and store a script or files to, something I don't have.

I did use a 'falling snow' effect script once during the whole Plamegate controversy to have little pictures of Fitzmas falling down on my blog.

It was rather cute, but cross-platform wasn't so friendly.

I like this script, but not as much as I like the Snap script on my website.

Thats pretty cool bob. There must be some width paramter that is off in that header code because on my computer, you post has been knocked down below your sidebar. I guess if you were building a frames page you could have all your button links open like that?

Thanks for the info ... Off ... I love Java, but I've never learned to predict if it'll behave in the template.

Yea, it is pretty cool. But Mur has a point --it could be kind of a nuisance if overdone. But for what CB's doing, it's alright. Thanks for the point-to.

That is a truly cool new toy.

I see you like the snap. It's pretty cool, huh? And not only is it cool, your readers may appreciate the previews that you offer them as it's tidy and they can look before they leap.

I wanted to try but Blogger won't accept it in my template. I looked at your source and can't see any major difference except under the snap script there is an additional script. Did you have to put that in to make it work with blogger. I think it is something to do with the fact mine is in html and yours is in CSS, could that be it?

nifty....i've seen that around. i like it!....but i wonder if it makes the page load any slower? what have you found? i'm always afraid to mess with javascript too much...it almost always does really cool junk, but also slows down the page...maybe i'll give that snapjunk a try. altho it does seem pretty much just for fun. but that's still cool, right? who doesnt like to have fun.


There should be no difference between using HTML and CSS.

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