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Monday, June 04, 2007

40th Ann. as a Leather Artist

I was getting scared I wouldn't get this thing finished.
April was my 40th Anniversary as a leather artist. Here's my 10 min. retrospective.

40th Ann. as a Leather Artist Pt. #2

You made an excellent video, my friend. In case you haven't noticed yet, your video is posted on Crawfordslist.


Hope you are feeling better.

C you soon.

Hey there Bob...sending you love and best wishes.....hope you are having a "good" day.

I sound like a rusty old record...but again I have to say I love your blog and look forward to each posting.

I have done a new posting...will you check it out and flick it on to anyone who might know about the HR absurdities?


Just checked it out again Bob. It is great Video...I love the way you have put it together....I have sent it on to a few people in Oz who will really enjoy it. The music is brilliant too!!!

Will you make a part #3 video or start a new series? I would love to see you make some videos of your great stories.

That would be a load of fun and works of art too.

I think Erosion National Park might be appropriate

Bob...were you in Pine Colorado around '84? Im sure I met you at either the Buck Snort or the Bryn Mawr, where i tended bar oncet.

Your video caused me to spend an hour or so finding out who Arizona Charlie was inasmuch as you're Colorado Bob. The time spent was enjoyable and a learning experience I wasn't expecting. Thanks.

Hey Bob,

The video's perfect. It's absolutely perfect. Everything.

Plus you have an amazing voice or...to put it into a bit more detail, a drawl.

You have such an incredible body of work I can't even put it into words. They're beautiful, and so just well killer!

9/11 and I sat perched and hunched over the computer and just grinned the entire time. It's amazing, all of it.

We both felt incredibly lucky to know who you were and what your work is. I think everyone just has to agree on that.

I can't get over it, and I want to post it as many times and as many places as possible.

Please keep posting.

Hope everything's feeling good.



Again wishing you the best

-Hipster Steve


The Old West lives on in your hands and mind, mi amigo.

What a powerful gift. Thank you for sharing your life's work.

No sweat, no beat,
thanks for hanging there even
if there was a misshap there
and a few years of silence

No direction for the kinship
or appearences to appear
in ageless dismissals rocks.

No namers or generations,
in the class of the excuses
that don't meet belief or one.

No need or like to meet,
the three went stale on wine
never to miss, never to yearn.


Miss you. Hope you are managing.

Excellent!!! :-)

I meant to comment last time, when I watched both those great shows all the through. I am SO in need of new vest... Hope you got the energy to mess with some leather while yer layin' up, Bob.

Take care hombre.

G'day, Bob,

How are ya?


Nice work Bob, you have put together and made some great video.

How are you doing? Miss your posts.

how r u doing, CB? Great video. Hope you do another post soon. Doc TB

Hola CB!

I hope you've got yerself a pretty nurse to help with the pain, bro. Preferably one who works for leather, eh? ;-)

Take care man.

hello Bob, I've not visited you for a very long time, but I'm here for the show...the video is good...and the work great...i never worked on leather...a beautiful material...and the pictures is quite matching the clothes...love it...come and visit me one of these days, you'll see many changes in the appearance of my blogs...
see you my friend

Hey, man. Just checking in to see how you are. Lot of folks at Craig's are concerned and would like to have a word from you if you're up to it.

Very cool stuff Bob.
You are a talented guy.

Hope to hear from you again soon


Hey Bob,

I disappeared from the blogging world about 6 months ago, but thought of you recently and came back to check you out. Somehow, I'd missed any posts referring to your illness before, and now I'm startled not only to learn about it, but to see that you haven't posted in a very long time.

I hope you're well, man. As well as can be expected. You're a great guy with a big heart. You were very generous to me with your help before, and I truly wish I could do something for you now.

Peace, my friend.

Thinking of you!

Hey CBob...
Just wanted to wish you a Joyous Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

God Bless.

Merry Christmas, Bob.


Haven't heard from you in what seems like forever. Hope you're OK. I gave you another decoration to hang on your electronic wall.

Bob Sweetie,

By now we know you must have passed.....I miss you bob. I am glad to have known you and to have loved you, my friend. I will carry your great huge memory with me always.



If you still check your messages, you might want to check Craig Crawford today. The video is dedicated to you.

Hey Bob,
I hadnt checked in for a while since you quit posting and feared the worst....but according to the folks over at Craigs list you are still alive and kicking. I was actually out in Lubock country not to long ago and had planned on dropping in on the gallery (but forgot to come back here for the name before I left). Somebody said you were doing some projects with wind power out there and that is something I am doing here as well. (Not very far from you ...and with plenty of wind)..so if you check this, come over and leave a comment so I can find out how to contact you the next time I am out. I quit posting to my blog for quite a while as well, but am feeling rejuvinated of late. (Mr. McSame angers up my blood....)
Hang in there buddy....

bd at "off the grid"

I love your beautiful blog and so enjoy your posts.

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