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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Bit of Clarification

I should have gone into some detail about my condition, but having shared it with my friends at Crawfordslist for some time, I slowly forgot that information wasn't tattooed here.

I am not suicidal, but I have the liver of Poppa John Phillips [Before he got his 50,000 drink over haul]. It's not really a bad way to go. Your liver doesn't have nerves, so pain isn't a big problem at this point. But my ability to sit up, and type has taken a turn in the past week or two. So I haven't been visiting the places on the web as much as I once did, and I haven't had the energy to do all those things with my MAC that are so much fun.

One thing about the web, it saves lives. I ended up on the web because my lower disks gave up a few years ago, and needles invaded my legs and feet. I started looking around the web, and ended up at Crawfordslist .... That move has kept my mind going for the last couple of years. Brain Rot is far more deadly than Liver Rot. Pin-Heads like Chris Matthews think the web is populated by guys like the one in the MAC commercials. But there's a hell of a lot of people like me who use it as a line to minds that keep them going. Someone should do a post about this, it's a fertile subject.

I'm concerned that in the not too distant future I won't be able to write any more. That's why I posted the one below. I've never been a big fan of mysteries ... I'm a Virgo, I want to know what's going on, hence my reason for these comments.

Many thanks for the concern, and kind words... But I water skied under a helicopter, and danced with a lot of beautiful women. Some even took me home. What more can a man ask for ?

For those who stop by who may not be aware of Crawfords List I'll echo your sentiments except to say that you are one of the most consistently interesting contributors to that location. What makes it so great is that there are those there who know more about music than I will ever have the time to hear, more about books than I will ever have time to read, throw in history, science, philosophy all attached to a political location and the place is remarkable.

Colorado Bob,
Hearing about your skiing and dancing brings a smile to my face. Thanks for showing us the silver lining in your adversity, and maybe we'll all be a bit better about seeing our own silver linings.
Take care!

As one virgo to another I hear ya 'bout wanting to know EXACTLY what's going on. Thank you for the clarification... we're still gonna worry like mama hens though. Has anyone ever told you to try milk thistle??? It's a tonic herb for the liver... check it out with your doc and see if it's something that might help. We're thinking of you and sending LOTS of healing white light!


G'day Bob,

Thanks for that clarification. Wasn't aware of Crawfords List but will check it out.

Love the reference to skiing and dancing. Perhaps you should tell us more.

Have to say, there is a character, a wise old Outback type called Wally Bennett, in my novel `Vegemite Vindaloo' who could be your long-lost twin.

You sure you're not Australian, mate???!!!!

Keep smiling


Well, for the love of god Bob, NOW ya tell us!! Don't do this to us, I've spent so long in a fug, just thinking about you, and fretting..

So anyway (well, someone had to say it), glad you're back with us, and am happy to know you're back to posting again. Folks like you are hard to find - don't leave it so long 'til the next one.. xx

Bob, you almost make me cry with awe at the prospect of having about 10 more drinks today to continue with the work on self-demise and drama.

But hey, big timer, keep up the good smile, breath fresh and put yourself together for the next dances.


I am so glad you clarified, bob. As a Virgo, I too am always in need of details. Your previous post had Ethel and I very concerned that you were suicidal. I am thankful that isn't the case, but saddened to hear of your pain.

You are in our thoughts and prayers, and as Ethel said, we are sending healing white light your way.


Hey Bob,
I'll keep you in my prayers as you have been a very good friend and one must always keep their friends close.

Outside of family, which I sometimes feel you are a part of mine, friends are forever.

Keep up the good fight and remember there are many friends you've made who will be thinking and praying for you.

God Bless you.

Found a new blog purely by accident. Progressive who loves outer space and preserving the environment. You might want to drop by

The Greenbelt

CB, I can feel how down you are, and now that you have clarified liver disease I understand. It can make you feel lethargic and depressed. Obviously, reading the messages of all your www friends, you know people are pulling for you. I don't want to get into your biz but I hope you have a good doctor and are exploring treatments. Medication, bi-polar treatment, mind-body work, liver transplant.....whatever it takes to keep you thriving and writing on. Happy to talk to you privately anytime, CB.

Brain Rot is far more deadly than Liver Rot.

Sometimes it takes the latter to overcome the former, eh.

I wish you well hombre. For a 'case like me, a glass half-full can't seem to be anything but half-empty too. One of the things I admire 'bout you is how you appear to always see that the other way around.

Here's a song from a dead kid who mightn't have gone there if he'd have had someone like you in his life. You rock, dog! Hang in and I'm hopin' you get some help from a donor on another List.

Howdy, Bob,

No matter how hot Colorado may be, it's always one cool place - because you live there.

Cheers, buddy


missing you bob!!!


now I know why I feel you are such a kindred spirit...
I'm a Virgo too....

Hang in there buddy.... we need your voice for as long as you can muster the energy....

take care, my friend....


Good to know you're a virgo ;)

They're a good and yeah, very detail oriented breed.

I completely adore you and your blog. I also reference you in conversation more often than not. In fact Dad and I (no matter how annoyed he is with some folks on crawfords) always talk about you.

Please write as often as you can, coming to your site and waiting for it to load is one of my life's little pleasures.



Keep keepin', CB...The world needs renaissance people more than ever.

Hey Bob
I am emerging from winter in the UK and ready to get busy.
Another Virgo...I am pleased to have a bit more information. We Virgos are so nosey!!!!
I too live a life that some consider "unwise" but I enjoy a lot. Although I don't seem to have pushed the boundaries as much as you have...you are an inspiration and validation for me. Thanks. By the way, I agree with David, are you sure you aren't an Aussie because you sound like one of us.
Glad to hear that more of your exploits will be on your page, I know i have told you before but I just love reading about your adventures.

The chief lurker is wishing you the best. I would only ditto what Tony Brayer MD has said to you above. When I go to the CListers site and I see your signature I never know exactly what you're going to say except that it will be interesting. Keep on truckin' pal!

Well, hmmm, I had figured out from a couple of things you said that you had some sort of illness or disability, but I didn't realize it was progressing like this, now I'm worried. Might you still get a transplant? Would ginger help in the meantime, or is that too weak by this point? Rooting for you!

hey stud,

fight the good fight I am pulling for you.

yours in Texas,

yo soy Horsedooty!

damn, CBob. that's some heavy shit.

enjoy your moments, my friend. none of us are guaranteed any certain amounts. what you wrote moved me. i feel you. who am i to argue.

see you around, bro. like i said, enjoy what you can. but you don't need me to tell you that.

CB, I've been an occasional visitor for some time now, but don't remember dropping a comment. Which doesn't mean I haven't. I just can't remember. As you note, the brain rot is worse than the liver rot.

Kurt Vonnegut often responded to casual questions such as, "What are you up to?" by replying, "I'm committing suicide by cigarette." It only took him 84 years minus the age at which he commenced his attempt. I'm hoping for his luck, but I'm not counting on it.

I smoked Kentucky cheroots for a few years back in the early '90's, and only gave them up after I caught myself inhaling. But while I was still puffing, my sister-in-law and her brood visited us from far-off Oklahoma. Her oldest boy, then 6 years old, saw me puffing while we were out back taking care of the horses and told me, "My teacher says that smoking will kill you." I looked the tad square in the eye and growled, "Son, ain't none of us getting out of this alive." Hope I didn't scare him too bad.

Bob, tequila got me through the Gulf War, and gin is getting me through this occupation with prejudice. With Vonnegut's luck, you and I will live to see the end of the latter, or at least some improvement. If not, I'll see you on the other side, or in hell, or not at all. Whatever comes, I'm glad I found you and your electronic diary.

I water skied a bit in my youth, but never behind a helicopter, and I can't dance, but I've had a damn good time on this marble doing what I did do and can do. At this point I can't ask for anything more than a quick release. But I'll take what I'm given.

"But I'll take what I'm given." Hmmm. Let me rephrase. "Given" implies agency. Never mind that. I'll take what comes.

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