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Monday, April 23, 2007

Piss and Vinegar

The mind is a funny thing, take Art Buchwald for example. He fought depression all his life, but last year when he decided to quit fighting the effects diabetes, and moved into a hospice to play out his string, he turned into the Energizer Bunny. The surrender to that fate was something that probably kept him going and going and going. A sense of peace with his decision was no doubt a big factor.

Like Art, I was a manic/depressive all my life. Most of the time it was just "Piss and Vinegar" that kept me going, when that failed, I relied on just dumb luck. Back in December, [8th & 9th] I wrote that my string had run out too. At the time .... I was pretty sure I didn't have much left in me. But this site, and the interest in foolin' with it had a real medicinal effect. But in the past couple of weeks my energy was been flagging, and I'm afraid that my posts are going to be few and far between. It's getting hard to sit up right for any length of time.

I set-up this site last year to spin out some of my stories, along the way another idea occurred to me. That it could be a sort of tombstone.
With that in mind, I have a graphic to go along with it. I didn't want to put it up, and freak out everyone, but don't be shocked when you see it.

No pity please, I'm a guy who had one fine trip through this world, even when I didn't know it.

No pep talks, just know that you are valuable to many people and we genuinely like having you around so keep pissing and scrapping as much as you like if it keeps you movin' along.

It's a mess, ain't it?

Miss Birdies has yet to learn to put up with my quiet need to watch not just multiple episodes of Deadliest Catch but to do my own internal mashups of 'em.


Because stuff happens. Because stuff has to happen usually on a lethal scale. It is a show which, more than any program about Las Vegas, celebrates the house odds of life with all the grace of Laurel and Hardy moving a crate up endless stairs or a piano across a rope bridge and one of those backlot Alpine gorillas.

So I have one intense piece of information to impart here.

Of course, it concerns Morgan Fairchild.

The answer to your question is inertia.

The original action was the remarkable success Morgan had in dating the Democratic party leadership during the eighties and nineties despite a) her ongoing relationship to a largely invisible studio executive and b) her deeply believed in (by me) marriage to a character Jon Lovitz played on SNL. (If Jon can date Janice Dickinson, Tommy Flanagan certainly is married to his wife Morgan Fairchild who he has seen naked.)

So it's inertia, c'bob... like everything else in this world whether physical or spiritual... which bring Morgan Fairchild to the those anything but enticing shores of bad haircuts and worse actions.

As for all you do here and elsewhere in and out of time...

I don't miss Douglas Adams anymore.

I love you for that, Bob.

Don't sweat it baby. Just push gently. Then you lay.

You may find some emoticons that even you can love:

Man With Fish For A Nose

Oh and Don't drink all of your win or you may just break a wing.

G'day Bob,

What a great simile - Art Buchwald as the Energizer bunny. Man, you do paint a great picture.

Appreciate your sentiments and will always support you in what you choose to do, but like any straight-talking Aussie, I have to say to you that you have a lot of string left, mate.

No giving up, you hear?

We are your family around the world and we're telling you that we're here for you.

You want to talk to someone? Give me your number and I'll call you.

And when as Aussie calls you mate, it's a pretty bloody high tribute. You listening, mate?

Love ya work


What's goin' on here... a gal gets the flu and then comes back to find this???

I understand feeling like you're swimming in jello with concrete boots... just know that we are all throwing you a line to help pull you back... love you bob!!


Hey man, just gotta say you're one o' those few who've incidentally helped me get outta my head (you know, the one that's always tryin' to kill me. not the fun one) and the laughs and head-scratchers are much appreciated.

Whatever it takes, Bob. Buchwald is a great freakin' example, ain't he?!

Have a blast man! I'm still lookin' forward to reading more of your stories and takes.

cbob... I don't like the tone of this one. You need help. We care about you in this community. You have too much to offer, and we have to much yet to give. We're here for you, and I bet others are as well. Get help, cbob... please.

Hi Bob,

Back again to check up on you, mate.

How ya travellin'?

Get those hiking bots on, go for a long walk and smell the roses/ daffodils/ tulips, whatever's blooming in your part of the world.

We care for you, mate. Let us know what's a-happenin'.


Bob, it's a cycle, and it will turn.. hang on in there, bonny lad!
I want to read more of your thunder and bluster, we're all out here, and we care - please come back to us. x

I just waited and waited till your site came up and now I read this. You are worth waiting for Bob so I will keep coming back and waiting. I am glad you shared what is happening with you.

HI! in late July!

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