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Thursday, May 03, 2007

NPR's Climate Connections

NPR & National Geographic have started a year long series on the Climate. All that hamburger money from Mrs. Croc is being put to work.

NPR's Climate Connections


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Yikes... but we haven't contributed to green house gases???

Glad to see you up and about! I've missed you!


As an avid NPR listener, I've heard some of the series.... it is excellent....

the Christian Science Monitor has been doing a Global Warming series.... it's excellent too....

G'day Bob,

Love your perspective.


Bob I cannot believe how much you have taught yourself in the last year about graphics and blogging! Each time I log in there seems to be something new.A year ago you had a standard ordinary sort of blog like the rest of us but now you have a page with all the whizz bang tom foolery and links and animations and audio....I am in awe!!!!!!!!

glad your're blogging, CB. Keep up the good work. Dr. TB

I know. I know... My freakin' footprint is still much too big for my foot. I've got some Pros but am less than satisfied with my Cons.

I'm a keepin' workin' on it, though, and wouldn't mind paying high $ for gas if so much of that weren't just goin' to the freakin' stock & share holders.

G'day Bob,

Looking forward to some more pearls of wisdom from you.


Love the Bob Dylan vid!

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