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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Manufacturing Outrage

As long as we're getting everybody on the morally correct path, Why is this man smiling ?

These are screen shots from the Bunny Ranch's own page.

As far as a caption contest ..... Well this is like shooting cronies in a barrel.

I'm going with :

"A room full of Bimbo's"

Note to the Reader:
This catch was made as usual by The General

I have warmed to this subject, and posted expanded version of this nugget here :
Manufacturing Outrage
Don't forget to take the poll .

ummm... Sean knows that if there is some kind of explosion he'll be unscathed due to the artificially inflated saline bags surrounding him???????


I'm sure it was totally innocent. He was probably just getting take-out and had to satisfy some "fans".

Caption: "(typical) Conservative of the Year"

"satisfy some fans"?? Ohhh... that's what the kids are calling it nowadays...

Just to clarify... my first comment was answering "Why is this man smiling?"

I can't compete with mb's caption...it's too on the mark.


Caption: The bimbo is the one with the dark hair.

Great find. That's probably the biggest dildo they've had in there.

Maybe he's smiling because someone's taking his picture. What's he supposed to do, scowl at the camera?

On second thought, the main problem may be that he got his picture taken at all.

So this is what he means by Hannitising . . .

#1 Customer of the YEAR!

do you see the fashits in this pix?

I am so going to send this link out to all my neo-fascist, Christian Reich, Hannity adoring family members.
I also plan to explain to them exactly what a "cathouse" is. "Not the feline equivalent of a doghouse."
Hmmmm...........They may all be really familiar with cathouses.

I think he is smiling in the second picture because he has his arm in a good looking blonde's cleavage!

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