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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Harry Nilsson - Coconut [1971]

I don't drop in on Vanilla Birdies as often as I should. She posted on Harry Nilsson which led me to this great clip :

Hi Bob,

Hmmm, `Gorillas In The Mist', apparently!



Just popped over to say Hi. I am able to load your site much faster in Opera Browser. I just load the cached images and the text comes up reasonably quickly. Then I can select show all images. It is about half the time of Firefox or IE7. I have been playing with Serif's PagePlus9. I think it works on a Mac. It is a great program for DTP and has Web Page capability which is quite good and only costs $9.99 they offer all their older versions of programs quite inexpensively in the hope you'll get hooked. It is a UK company.

Hey! I was so pleased to see so many nilsson related comments from you..and now this!!

So talented, and that video is great!

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