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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

CLIP TEXT FOR TROLLS......a handy retort for when your just too tried to type

In the interest of speeding retorts to trolls, STAYING ON MESSAGE, and speeding up the flow of electrons through Senator Stevens plumbing....Mart posting at No Quarter has got the ball rollin' with a handy cut and paste, which he got at RAW story, which clipped it from who knows where, which I clipped at No Quarter, and am passing along here......

Mart and I were dealing with a particularly dense and pointy headed one. You know the ones. The "Freedom's on the March", "Freedom's Not Tidy ", "Last Throws", "No One Could Have Imagined........" , etc., etc., etc., kind. The ones that are so breath-takenly dense, that if you were in a room with one, they would suck all the oxygen out of it.

Anyway....Just run your little cursor over the following text, highlight , clip, and .....well you know.


SOS { ENTER TROLLS NAME HERE }: I have pinpointed where things seem to go horribly wrong, and I'm sure it's when you begin to write words. Your words look around and have no idea what they are doing next to each other, a jumbled mixture of random one-liners and utter incoherence, unrelated and contradictory. Your bewildering posts, eerily similar to a GWB speech or a Rummy rant, have the same feel as what is on the ground in Iraq.

NOTE : If the original author of this gem should come across this in Senator Steve's plumbing, feel free to cut n' paste your name here.

* This is also helpful for carpal tunnel sufferers.

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