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Sunday, September 03, 2006


From David E, Sanger of the Times:

Cheney's August of 2002 speech

In August of 2002, seven months before "Operation Iraqi Freedom" was launched, Cheney gave a widely covered speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars' 103rd National Convention in Nashville, Tennesee which argued that critics were wrong to suggest that deposing Saddam Hussein might spark more unrest across the Middle East region or prove counterproductive to the "war against terror."

"Another argument holds that opposing Saddam Hussein would cause even greater troubles in that part of the world, and interfere with the larger war against terror," Vice President Cheney had said. "I believe the opposite is true."

"Regime change in Iraq would bring about a number of benefits to the region," Cheney had contended. "When the gravest of threats are eliminated, the freedom-loving peoples of the region will have a chance to promote the values that can bring lasting peace."

In the same speech, the vice president had also predicted that Iraqis would "erupt in joy" after Saddam's regime was overthrown.

"As for the reaction of the Arab 'street,' the Middle East expert Professor Fouad Ajami predicts that after liberation, the streets in Basra and Baghdad are 'sure to erupt in joy in the same way the throngs in Kabul greeted the Americans," Cheney had said.

"Extremists in the region would have to rethink their strategy of Jihad," added Cheney. "Moderates throughout the region would take heart."

"And our ability to advance the Israeli-Palestinian peace process would be enhanced, just as it was following the liberation of Kuwait in 1991," claimed Cheney back in August of 2002.

Yes I see what you mean about the countdown clock. You are trying to use the space to the right. I have seen this clock on some blogs in either the left or right margins.

I notice that your template is very similar to Sheila's and she has had some 'margin' problems too. I think there is something 'funky' about her page layout and I see something very similar with yours. It looks to me that the right hand margin of the post has too much buffer space and the left has too little, just like hers.

Now one thing I notice on your template that is not on Shiela's is the way it looks like there is another sheet underneath and offset from the main window. It just does not look right. Did your template start that way or did it line up that way after you added the clock and other goodies?

Did you make a copy of your template file before you began making edits? (Your supposed to, but no one usually does) If you did, you might set up another blog just to tweek your template settings without hosing up your normal blog.

Or C'Bob you can make a text copy of the template file and shoot me a copy of it and I will take a look at it. I still have that blogger account and we could set up a new blog and play with it.

My email is gary_lb swbell.net. The empty space is for the @ symbol. I'm trying to be stealthy from the web crawlers. (I'm pretty sneaky)


You are being too prolific. :-) I pop back to answer one post and you are three beyond me.

On the Fatty Arbuckle Are You Safer? question, the answer is yes and no.

No - Because of Bush actions, there are probably more people out there who want to kill Americans. It is unlikely that I will be where they are in order for it to happen no matter how often our President tries to scare me to death.

Yes - Simply because the level of rather random violence in society as a whole has increased. Whether it is road rage, the chance encounter with an uptight stranger in a mall, or the language heard on public transportation or for that matter TV, there seems to be a coarsening in life at all levels.

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