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Monday, September 04, 2006


I installed Haloscan on the comments page. I've always liked using it, and this latest has some new features. They are the ? and the little computer screen icon you see to the right>>>>

The question mark is a no brainer, click it and you see the creepy little faces and the swell little thumbs>>>>>>
Type along click one of the icons, and it beds the code on the page....You can stick them in the post any where.

The computer screen is the cool deal...Click it and you'll see this >>>>
This is a Free photo hosting site. I don't know all the formats they do....I always use jpg.It works on everything I've come across and this is no different. Get a jpg picture of your cat on the desk top for example. Click CHOOSE FILE., then highlight your cat file in the new screen. I don't know what windows will show, but apple shows choose in the bottom of the screen. Click it, and your file name will appear where "No File Selected" is. Then click, "Upload Image" and out pops a new screen. That new screen will have the picture AND the new http code. Paste it the comments box and we all can see pictures of your cat. It's a Hot Link just like your use to.... on Haloscan, and it works on Mustard's elegant comment page. It's not live on the Blogger comments, but it can be pasted into the browser on the main page and that will show your cat. In Haloscan if you run your cursor over the link, a little preview window pops up, and you can see the image with out even clicking the link. Like I said it's pretty cool. I'll do ads on my comments pages for it any day.

One last thing when I switched to Halo from Blogger. The old comments didn't come with it. So if you change, save any comment gems first !!!

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