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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dr. Toni, Lucy & Ethel, and The Hawaiian Starman

I knew absolutely Zero about web pages last August when I unpacked my New MAC. I didn't know a GIF. File from a "Johnson Rod". So last Oct. when I cleaned out my Safari cache', I had no idea that it would effect my ability to upload images to the Blogger. But MAC users have a great support system, and I went to it to try and solve my problem. There the Hawaiian Starman walked me to a solution.

There's nothing like being in a dark room, and having a complete stranger show-up with a candle, and some matches. Then, as the dim light takes hold you find ..... You're standing next to the light switch.

So the thing that's really a hoot about these little clubhouses we construct of electrons, and ones & zeros, is that one never knows who's going to pop in to say hello. A few weeks ago, I bumped into Lucy & Ethel, took a look, struck a match, and they were off to the races.
Last Saturday, Dr. Toni dropped in. She has what I think will be a great clubhouse to visit, and she's about to find her light switch.

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

Thanks Off the Grid

Lucy and Ethel are fun to read.

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Yep. They're a Hoot.

Hi there Bob,

Yep, I would have picked you as a Mac user. Great news about the Google results. Richly deserved - well done.
Have you been following you progress on Aussiejourno's Weekly Blog Awards?
Oh, what? You HAVEN'T?

Keep smiling, buddy

hey bob..even though you have me listed as far away folks...I only live about 100 miles from you. Now that the weather is getting nice.if you ever want to waste an afternnon with some old beer swilling hippies down by the red river watching the bobcats and the deer..just let me know. I am sure we could all dig some stories about swooping around the rockies in a helicopter and that sort of stuff...
take care..bd

CB, what an awesome video. I actually got excited watching it and seeing the way technology is changing our world. Your site is so great with all the bells and whistles. Thanks for all of the technical help you are giving to us new bloggers. That's what this flat ole' world is all about, right?

You certainly have learned a lot about Mac's since that time. Just popped over to say HI. By the way I loved your Monarch Butterfly story I have read it out to a few folks. What a lovely experience

hey CBob

The Wells Fargo Wagon is running over on Durward Discussion

Thats a cool presentation. I am still getting my head around html and css, but xml looks a lot cleaner.

This video now has :
18,919 plus favoreds
In 6 weeks of being-up.

I've been giving this some thought, so seeing it for the first time, well ...

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