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Monday, January 22, 2007

Attention Tree Huggers Everywhere

Tree Hugging on the Avenue of the Giants

Evil Pacific Lumber Declares Bankruptcy
From easong's Kos diary:
In the continuing story of how a Texas scumbag corporation named Maxxam has planned to destroy hundreds of acres of old growth redwood forest for a neat profit, the plot has entered the final phase -- trying to get a bankruptcy court to annul the provisions of a habitat protection agreement hammered out several years ago by Senator Feinstein and state water boards.
easong's post with links on where to write

Here's the Houston Chronicle story:
Maxxam's Pacific Lumber subsidiary has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, saying the limits on logging imposed by California water quality regulators sharply cut its revenues.

This is a long and sad story from the era of Reagan and the corporate raiders.. Pacific was once a family owned business that was careful with it's employees and it's stands of lumber. One of it's real assets was the company pension plan, which was "Over Funded" . Then it was bought out by these ass-holes from Texas, this is part of the same crowd that brought us George Bush. They looted the pension fund, and set about blackmailing the State of California over the Redwood Trees they owned. These trees are the last stands of Redwoods that are not protected from the chain saw. Maxxam thinks they should be converted into decks, patio furniture, and paper with green ink on it.
Of all the Redwoods that ever lived, these are the last ones we can still save.

So click on easong's link and write a letter to anyone he's listed there.

5 1/2 minutes to load. I will have to read your blog when I go down to the library in future. I wanted to thank you for your Mac suggestion, but as you probably have read I am not going to be needing a new computer yet. DARN

I'm sorry Vic, I got off dial-up last Sept. It used to take me 5 1/2 min to load a 2 paragraph email.

It's all those little counters I added in the side bars, and winking Brits, bubbling skulls, etc.

If you get a machine, and I bet you will. Consider a MAC, my guess is you'd do some nice looking web art with a Mac. I learned all of this since the 1st of September.

c'b - Put on your hip-waders; it's gonna get deep tonight when W says he never doubted there was such a thing as global warming.

Did i here you say winking brit?lol!
I really really really hope they don't chop down these trees!!!!

I am not even sure who the interior sec. is any more...(I think it used to be Whitman)..but you can bet whoever it is, they used to work for either big oil or big timber.

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