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Sunday, January 21, 2007

January 2007 the Global Climate Change Dam Has Broken

UPDATE- 1/22/07
Here's the USCAP Web Page and today's press release :
Major Businesses and Environmental Leaders Unite to Call for Swift Action on Global Climate Change

You had to be paying attention, but it's happened. Last week we learned that EXXON/MOBIL have dropped their funding of The Competitive Enterprise Institute.
It perked up my ears when I read that. So, I've been listening for more to come down the pike, and it's really about to start flowing. This came over the wires on Friday :

Industry signals Bush to do more on warming
10 companies join activist groups in calling for caps on carbon emissions

WASHINGTON - Major corporations and environmental groups on Friday announced what they called an "unprecedented alliance" to push for quicker action against global warming — urging lawmakers to pass mandatory curbs on carbon emissions, in contrast to President Bush's voluntary approach.

These two events are directly related, to each other, and to the many reports that are flowing in now. These guys are not dummies. They know the jig is up. Inhofe is out of his seat in the Senate Chair. He was their paid stooge in the Senate. It's a whole new Ball Game on this issue. This subject is about move up the list on voters concerns.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not breaking out the wine for toasting till dawn. But this month is one for a bit of optimism. The ground is moving under people's feet ....... These are the moments when things become possible.

The post below is off the wire tonight. I took the whole post off the Globe's site. [ Which I try to avoid, but this one is important and I want people to see it. ]
Another reason why EXXON pulled their money :

CBob... I agree with your assessment that what Mother Earth is about to unleash will make all our prattlings about politics a moot point....

I'm glad that Exxon/Mobil has finally woken up.... too bad it's probably too late...

It's something that's truly terrifying and could have been prevented.

It is something that's too little too late.

Hopefully they're not just talking a good game though and they will take more action...they need to.

I hope to encourage more to ride bike to improve the environment

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