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Thursday, October 12, 2006

From Joe Galloway to Tom Lasseter

Joe Galloway 1965
"I looked over and saw Joe Galloway sitting with his back against a small tree, camera in his lap, rifle across his knees. I knew why I was there. I'm a professional military man and it's my job. But what the hell was HE doing there? Turned out he was doing his job too."
-Lt. Gen. (ret.) Hal Moore-

I never read Joe Galloway's reports from Vietnam, but I do read him now ...... Joe Galloway War Reporter He's a columnist for McClatchy newspapers.

I also read Tom Lasseter ..... Iraqi civil war has already begun, U.S. troops say..He's a 28 year-old reporter for the same chain.

Someday the compliment that was paid to Joe by -Lt. Gen. (ret.) Hal Moore- will be paid to Tom. Things are a lot different in these two wars. I'm sure Tom isn't carrying a rifle, and he sure isn't wearing a uniform. But he's been in the field with our troops since the 101st Airborne landed in Iraq, and his reports have always been from the ground with direct style of what he sees. Joe would be proud.

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