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Saturday, October 07, 2006


My republican uncle lives in the north Dallas suburbs. He was serving in the Pacific off the coast of the Philippines, and witnessed some of Japan's first Kamikazi attacks on our fleet . The men on his ship called them " Crash Divers " ...... they had never heard the word Kamikazi .

I recommended that he start reading Juan Cole on the very day that Cole puts up some list of stuff that attacks Bush. { Stupid move on my part } He emailed me about who Cole was .
His last email to me :

After emailing you did some rather quick research and did find out a good bit abt his credentials...nott many around taht speak Arabic and other related languages...interesting abt his joining then leaving the Bahaii faith...one of their National hdgs is located close to us...

As to the debt; it makes me cry to see how the debt has been piled on...it also ticks me off that Bush has not vetoed one spending bill...hope you have not overlooked the process required to appropriate the money...both houses and both parties have made contributions to the fiscal debacle...should the demos get back into control Pelosi says every tax relief bill passed will be repealed...that is a scary thought for the economy...

Noticed your referring to Foley as a hypocrite...you left off the part abt being homosexual...you have to admit that
Republicans at least resign when caught and the Democrats not only stay in office they flip off the public...a pox on both their houses...PB

My reply :

RE :
Pox ..... Amen .... I wouldn't follow Nancy Pelosi into a 7-11.
Credentials ... Where can I find Hannity's credentials ,,,,, Oh that's right, he was contractor ......Coulter's ? Of coarse, she's a child of Conneticut lawyer's that jokes about rat poisoning supreme court justices ........ Limbaughs ? That's the fellow who for years cried for years " Off to Jail " for poor assholes who got trapped in drug abuse. But he got into treatment, when he got caught. Shall I go on ? Because I can fill-up this page and several more if I really get started .
Why stop now .....
Duke Cunningham "TOP GUN" traded votes for hookers.
Some of my favorite's :
The guy that wrote " Bush's Brain " got on the No-Fly list ......
The "conservative" mayor of Spokane Washington, strongly anti-gay while trying to hire young men on the internet for city offices.
The city government of San Diego Calf. strongly republican, looted the city workers pension fund to pay for the Republican National Convention.
They're in the red to the tune of billions of dollars.
Same sort of story in Ohio now with workers comp. fund.
Same sort of story in "Conservative" Orange county Calf. they declared bankruptcy.
And a real stand out :
The republican governor of Kentucky " Pre-Pardoned" some of the cronies he put on the state payroll !!
Matt Drudge ...... He's another fellow..... that guy lives in West Hollywood. Do you know who lives in West Hollywood ?
David Dryer ....... Haven't seen him on TV defending that fat bastard we call Mr. Speaker.
Here's a clue for you .... There's a whole block gay bashing gays in the republican ranks........ That's like you bashing insurance salesmen.
What are Dobson's people gonna do with them, when they find out ? Grind em' up and feed em' to the children at Christian Boot Camps ?
Don't hand me republican talking points Uncle, I eat that stuff for breakfast.

Polly Klass's father was on Countdown tonight, His quote :
" Foly was the go to guy in congress on children's issues; for the last 10 years, he made the subject his own."
The "Leadership" knew about this guy and did nothing for much longer than they are saying. And that's not Bill Clinton's fault, or Barney Frank's or some congressmen from 23 years ago .... It's the current " Leadership's" fault.
The " Johnny jumped off the roof too " defense is pretty thin by now.

AS for Cole, I've been reading him for over a year, and not so much for his comment's as the details he finds out about the war. Example:
Basara ...... If you think things are better there, well, you might want to start reading him too. Because it's from Basara that the Iranian's will cut our lines of resupply from Kuwait. At a time of their choosing. And we will have to FLY every gallon of gas, bean, bullet, and truck tire OVER 300 kilometers of
" Indian Country " to our big forts in the middle of the country. At that point our people will be surrounded by millions of very very angry " Indians".
Why ? Because George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Don Rumsfailed are fucking idiots.
The night of this invasion ...... Ted Kopple was standing in Kuwait at the line of departure, In the background our army rolled into Iraq ....... Koppel quoted William Shakespeare's : " CRY HAVOC AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR…" Julius Caesar
Well the dogs of war are loose. I'm not against fighting bad people. I'm against fighting bad people stupidly. If this is a "long war" as the president keeps reminding us. Why has this congress set aside $20 million for the victory party ? And cut in half the $14 million for traumatic brian injury research .... Traumatic brain damage is the #1 injury from this war.
We have a father here who just gave his second son to this war, and Karl Rove and Grover Norquist have played him for a sucker. This whole thing has the stink of the Roman Senate at a time when they refused to send their sons off to stand duty on the Danube. I got that from Victor Davis Hansen .
I attended Nick's graduation at that Christian School, and it's founder, a little ole lady from Alabama made a few remarks about supporting Bush and Cheney. Then the kids got up and their bright shiney plans were read off. Not one was going to enlist to go to Iraq.

You and I agree on far more than you might guess. I think our culture is a sewer too. MTV being one of the bigger turds in it . But it's not liberals that did it, capitalists own Viacom stock. I can make money buy selling kids on the idea that ignorance is " Cool ", That to pursue the next ring tone at a dollar a pop is a virtue ..... Well that's not liberalism that's marketing ..... the tawdry hand maiden of capitalism..... At the end of the 19th century we began to turn away from laissez' faire capitalism for good reason. It eats people.

Well, this gets me two things done; an email to you and a post on my site.....Don't worry, I won't reveal your name. You shall remain my republican uncle from the north Dallas suburbs.

Seneca on religion :
" To believers it is true .....
To the wise it is false .....
To the leaders it is useful "


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