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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Ever since Crosby, Stills, and Nash wrote "Wind on the Water ", those whales have been getting away with far too much ! I hear it's because they've been quietly getting funding from George Sorros under the table. I'm glad to see that the sons of the Vikings are taking this bold step. I mean we nearly had those liberal creatures wiped out in the last century, and we let a ragged few slip through our harpoons. I have word that it was Bill Clinton's fault this happened.

I also have it on good authority that whales are promiscuous, and have been seen rubbing each other's genetialia, and they're for same sex marriage.
So I'm all for these sneaky liberal animals chased to the brink again, it's just sound management if you ask me. These animals are far more valuable as Kroners or Rubles or what ever those Icelanders use for dollars. So I say hunt em' down and convert their flesh to money. Then we'll have a way to measure their true worth.
And if these brave son's of the Vikings get out there and find these " Cunning Minkes " are gone, because the water temperatures are just too high for whales to survive, I say great ! The boys in the pits at the New York Merc need a raise .... they're only making $300,000 a year .
The BBC story : Iceland begins commercial whaling
The BBC guide to : Endangered Whales

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