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Monday, September 11, 2006


" IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY AND NIGHT " ..........That's how bad it was for Metal of Freedom winner and all around good guy Young George Tenet on the Sunday talk shows. Yes, after keeping Young Tenet in chains in the hold for months on end, the crew of the Bush privateer Raging Stem Cell finally was forced to bring him up on deck to serve his last useful purpose. Taking the fall for the Invasion of Iraq. Navigator Rice led the way up on deck in a smart pants suit with matching eye patch, and brandishing a stunning cutlass by Cartier.

The growling first mate, " Dead-eye Dick " was finally seen and heard from on board another ship, the bulk cattle carrier The Pressed Meat . Reports from that quarter were of much bobbing, sneering, and weaving with some slipping and sliding. So, it was left to Navigator Rice to the deed and finally send Young Tenet over the side to his fate. But fear not.... The Raging Stem Cell, was anchored in shallow waters near shore. Young Tenet is plump he'll most likely float to shore, where he hopes to finish writing his book.

The captain of The Raging Stem Cell, was seen ashore polishing his halo in a memorial service for the Victims of 9/11.

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