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Friday, March 30, 2007

Fish Rot From The Head

A senior Bush political appointee at the Interior Department has repeatedly altered scientific field reports to minimize protections for imperiled species and disclosed confidential information to private groups seeking to affect policy decisions, the department's inspector general concluded.

The IG noted that MacDonald "admitted that her degree is in civil engineering and that she has no formal educational background in natural sciences" but repeatedly instructed Fish and Wildlife scientists to change their recommendations on identifying "critical habitats," despite her lack of expertise.

bob....where is that picture taken?

That's the Satchie Cut.

SIgn of the times that this doesn't come as a surprise any more...


Hi Bob!
THanks for the visit- and the linK! Me an Mousie are friends! I have her link on my site. She's been a bit quiet lately. I hope she is ok....


Sorry I havent dropped by lately, been so busy I havent even posted myself. Still, it gave me loads of interesting stuff to read on your page Bob. By the way, did you know they closed some of Sydney's beaches the other day because of Tsunami warning after the quake in the Solomans. First time ever I can remember a tsunami warning along the east coast of Australia.

Keep more of the drilling stories coming Bob, but like I said before.....write a book!!!!

Great post. The clear cut is awful, but the blue ridges behind are so beautiful...

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